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  Lead-free copper alloy specification

【AB1953 Lead - free bill】:

2September 20, 2006, California passed a new pipeline products Act AB1953 Act (also known as a California lead-free bill), this bill on January 1, 2010 the formal implementation of the implementation of all the uses for the human body directly for drinking or cooking water supply installations are subject to the stringent specifications of the AB1953. 

As a result, a kitchen faucet, bar faucet, bathroom basin faucets, drinking fountains and valves, instrumentation and any other terminal water supply device, regardless of commercial or residential use, as long as it is used to distribute water for human consumption is installed device, all must meet the standards required by this bill lead content must be less than 0.25%. 

In accordance with existing regulations, lead-free standards for pipelines and their equipment, the lead content shall not exceed 8%, pipes and equipment, the lead content does not exceed 4%, that is in order. 
AB1953 bill to adjust the existing drinking water supply system "lead-free" standard its weighted concentration control instead of the simple concentration control, provisions of the parts in contact with water in the product lead ingredient with individual total waterway area calculated as a percentage of the total lead content must be less than 0.25%. 
And in order to verify that the product has reached the requirements of this new standard, the manufacturer must provide relevant documents through third-party agencies to prove that the product of the test standards comply with AB1953. The domestic metal center and SGS have made IAPMO approved, to help manufacturers apply to IAPMO California Lead Plumbing Law (AB 1953) certification. 


EU market since July 1, 2006 implementation of the RoHS environmental protection norms, the various materials used for a variety of electrical and electronic equipment, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium content must be below 0.1% (1000 ppm), cadmium content shall be low at 0.01% (100ppm). Electrical and electronic equipment that does not meet the above criteria will be forbidden to enter the EU market.

The lead content in the copper alloy (including cutting brass), provides a content of less than 4% of the exemptions. But with the development and popularization of alternative materials, will remove the escape clause. Copper alloys in terms of the exceptions, the highest lead content can be up to 4%, and replaced with general industry argument is easy to understand, is a copper alloy lead content of up to 40,000 ppm or less, compared to comply with the exemptions of low lead and copper material , fully RoHS compliant, lead content less than 100 ppm copper material, generally called lead-free copper.

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